Yeah, we were there. We can say we were at EL Salto for opening day 2009. Well Jerbs, Straps, and myself were there. And we were there for the TURDZ.  I thank the fishing gods that Jerbs brought his own boat, I would have killed my self if I would have had to hear him talk about nothing the whole way down to Mexico. Making his creepy ass hobbit sounds every time he would see a cow or a girl.

Shit it was cold down there. Wind chill was no joke and boy was it blowin’. Day started off with a few bites on a rocky bank. Straps farmed a biggie right off the bat. I think he forgot how big the fish are in this lake. You gotta lay into them and let them know you aren’t fucking around. He then redeemed himself by landing a chunky 4.12 a few minutes later. I was hyped becasue I landed a few on the jig. Shit, it has been a long time since I had caught something that tugged. A long time!!

As the day went by, we didn’t have too much action until I got the bump that I was hoping for off of a main lake point in about 15 feet of water near a mud line. We forgot the net, so Straps had the responsibility of lippin that bitch over the side of the Liner and thankfully she made into my grasp. A hefty 8.2 filled with eggs with red lips.

Thank you for making into my arms lover girl. Oh how it’s been so long since I have had the chance to caress the chunky greens of a largie. YEAH BABAY! The fish I needed to get the bug again.

It was fun and I was happy to be the 4th boat on Salto after it had been closed for a 4 months. Hey, I might not fish every week or all of the time, but this mother fucker is down for life, and if Salto is going to be closed for any extended time, I will be there on opening day.

Group pic of your favorite losers with their opening day fish. Jerbs would have had a bigger one if he didn’t blow it harder than a hooker on 7th ave. Jerbs, please remember to user your net next time and wear a cup when trying to lip a ten plus while laying on your deck. HAHAHA!

Jose goes Pro for Enjoi!

The tallest Chicano in our crew just recently went pro for Enjoi Skateboards. I am so pleased to say that Joser has finally received the privilege that he has worked so hard to get. No head on collision is going to take that Mexican down. GOOD JOB and THE TURDZ ARE FUCKING HYPED FOR YOU MAN! Now lets get you on a celebrating pre-spawner! I am cannot wait to see his part in the upcoming Tiltmode Army video so properly titled “Bonus Round”. Shit is gonna be bangin’ son!

Pretty tight, his first pro check was for 1 dollar,. Big BUCKS BABY.

Check the trailer

Well, keep coming back to the site because we are still here and there is no avoiding us if you live in the south bay. Keep em tight and don’t be a kook!