It’s been a while since I ran a mission like the one we did last Friday. I think it was Jose’s idea to do it. His motivation was to go on a good trip before he had to take off the Europe to patinar for three weeks.  He decided that we needed to get the Rat from Livermore and go on a Clearlake or Bust mission. These trips are the ones where you drive up with no place to stay and fish for as long as your body or brain can handle it.

We mounted the Liner onto Joser’s ride late Friday evening and cruised to Matty’s new house in Livermore. The plan was to get on a night bite and then fish for as long as we could on Saturday. Well, the night bite sucked. We couldn’t convince any of the little dreamers to bite our pinche chingadera’s. Basically we should have just crashed right when we got there.

My lights were out by 2 in the morning and the other dudes lasted until 3 am. While I was passed out, Matt tied us up to the Red Bud launch ramp as our hotel and we all crashed out on the boat until we were awoken to the sound of other bass boats launching all around us.

We started the day off by looking for some sort of reaction bite but that was not happening. I think it could have been of the 5 degree temp drop that occurred the night before that may have hunkered them down. I was later able to land a 4 pounder on my drop shot rig which was the much needed motivational booster.

The punch bite was the ticket. The medicine was punching mini beavers, no color preferred, into the thicket of fallen trees and tullies. In order to get the fish to bite, there needed to be some deeper water behind us while working the banks. I felt bad for Joser because he was snapping off on fish. It seemed as though he could not get the cards to play in his favor. Even after watching Matt and I land a few nice fish, he kept his spirits as high as he could.

In an effort to try an help Joser get into some fish I suggested that he do a Renegade to turn his luck around. If you don’t know what a Renegade is then you can click on the photo for a tutorial video.

Joser doing the hail mary and fucking hell yeah in one poke of the thumb.

Basically it is necessary to perform when either all of your chips are down, you are bored as hell, or when you need to turn down the suck and turn up the good.

Well, maybe an hour later, he gets nailed by a solid 8lb 2oz largie on his Yellow Headed Snag Proof frog. Nailed! I saw the whole thing take place and Joser could not have done it any better. Adding this fish into our top 5, our bag was sitting at a solid 25 pounds. The Renegade proves to be the source of mysitcal powers which can help all who perform it’s epicness.

Yes!! There was a  frog bite. Oh how long it has been. The Rat could not have put it any better. A punch bite and a frog bite together is a formula that can make any bass fisherman’s day one for the history books.

I myself had not landed a frog fish. I was letting the dudes run the front of the boat with the froggies while I would try to get bit

in the back of the boat while punching my beavers. I was later hungry for a frog fish. As we were heading out of the creek, I decided to try tossing my frog in a slough that had produced fish for me in the past. I missed one on our way in but was able to land two further back into the slough. One being my new PB using a frog, a female largie weighing in at 5lbs 14oz. She breached on that bait like how those great whites breach on seals in South Africa. This fish moved our top 5 up to 27 pounds.

It was the last fish that we landed until we decided that our brains and bodies had had enough. A great Clearlake or Bust mission and one of the best days I have had on the water in quite a while. Thanks for driving Joser and it was great fishing with you and the Rat again. Till next trip. “Pass-ed me da Taquache puto!”