The Jerbs is outta here. He decided to head to Arizona to help some friends run a skateboard company called Bagarang. Yeah, like the term in the movie Hook where all the kids eat imaginary food and play imaginary games.

I am very excited for him and it opens the doors to the lakes out in AZ to the Turdz. Dependent on if we really want to go see him. Just kidding Jerbs, we are all going to miss your annoying ass sounds. Be sure you make it our here for the Striper Fest and for the prespawn at El Salto next year. We’ll be coming out soon so start learning those lakes. Hopefully, you’ll learn to fish something other than a jig!

For his going away weekend, I let him and his friends party at my house after a BBQ at the skatepark. Lots of bro-mance going on. I think Jerbs has more love for his friends than we know. During the drunken flurry, we said “LET’S GO TO CLEAR LAKE!” Well after we recovered the next day, we headed up to Clearlake for another Clearlake or Bust mission.

Good times were had and fish were caught. The frog bite is on and Straps finally got his first frog fish. Remember when you got your first one? It’s fucking awesome.

Just like the dumb ass he is, Jerbs drives from lower lake to Lakeport with only 30.00 dollars of gas and then decides not to put more gas in the boat while we are 20 feet away from the Pit Stop. Well guess what, I was towing him in 1 hour later. IDIOT!!

Here are some pics from the trip.