Seriously, I never thought I would do it. Or at least I would have had to really put my time in on the beach in order to get one. When I would see those pictures of dudes holding a striper up with their feet in the surf, I would admire the pic in complete awe. I have only surf fished in Mexico and it was amazing. So having the option to catch the Linesiders in the California surf seemed to good to be true.

Thanks to and it’s true mission of providing information to help people get on fish, I was made aware that the stripers were hitting on the  beach. I looked up a beach to fish near a popular spot on Google Earth so that I could hopefully find a spot that was not blown out by a bunch of people. Took my girlfriend out there on a day off from work hoping to hook one of these freight trains in the surf.

Long story short, hooked a fish on an old ass Lead spoon I got out of my neighbors old surf fishing boxes. The fish was 35 inches long so I am guessing any where from 16-18 pounds. It was fucking bad ass! Released her back into the ocean after a few pics so she could live to fight another day.

Thanks to Glenn from SJB and to my Dad for hooking up the equipment. Help keep the fishery alive and practice Catch and Release!