You actually came back to this website?? Thank you and you deserve a beer. When you see me, tell me you saw this…I will buy you a Four Loko.

Turd Update!!

Marone – Still lame and annoying. Wait I am talking about myself. I suck. I wanna fish more. Tournaments? Maybe. Modern Warfare 2.

Roberto – New job and still a lovable guy. I miss you Rob

Philthy – Still got game and still keepin it trill. Fishing?

Tomcat – Blew it! Should have fished the tournament with Matt. They would be in 2nd for AOY for the Hook tourney circuit. Booze was more important. Hey, that’s why he is a Turd. Imma take your seat next year sucka!

Straps – Still living in Boston. He said it is cold and I am sure it’s COLD. He will send us an update when their lakes melt.

Joser – Skate, skate, skate and Skate. I finally put his profile information up on the left. You can view it here. And here is a better picture of his BassTurd pro board for Enjoi Skateboards. That is what is the fuck up. I am sure he will be fishing too but this necka is getting paid to shred, so shred on!

Jerbs - Well well well. The fucking Jerbs. He was the only one who had a chance to land in the 10 plus club again last year but blew it. Now he lives in AZ and never touches his pole. Just other man poles…..Just watch this. We still love you ass face.

Babes in Toyland with Emily from micah hollinger on Vimeo.

MAS – NEW BOAT! Well not new, but he got a boat. A 21ft’ Champion. That is what is up son. No more rowing so expect to get fat. Did I mention that this lil Mijo is down for life??

The Rat – Just read below for information about this Good Ole’ Boy.

That’s it. I might be fishing the WON Bass Pro/Am next weekend but that is up in the air. You will be seeing more tourney results from Matt and I in the coming year. Hopefully it’s another safe year and more fatties land in the boat. Who is getting the 10 plus this year???