I will never stop paying for this site to be up. That is for sure. As long as I am alive,this shit will be on the world wide web.

So let’s see. Mario Mas, fishing a lot on The Floater. He did a good job with that boat. Haven’t fished on it yet but she looks good gliding across the Delta. Many props to him. (Edit: Dude, this is how stoner I am man. I called Mijo MAS today and say,”Yeah come to the Delta, I haven’t been on your boat yet. He goes, “Dude, you were on it before, at Yote.” Oops, i forgoteded. And he caught this hog while we were there!)

Jerbs, well the Jerbs….is MIA. He lives in AZ still and is working to become a millionaire. Don’t be surprised if he does.

He just better remember who taught him how to fish, me. Fuck face.

Well there is still me. I am an idiot. I don’t fish hardly ever and I quit skateboarding. I drink beer, I suck at life and you’re an idiot. Just kidding. We got a new boat berthed at the Delta, actually, two new boats. A trophy hunter and a 30 foot Sea Ray. BAD ASS! It’s been fun going out there and staying on the Delta. Waking up with a wicked hang over and then jumping right into the Liner to get some fish. Amazing.

Let’s see Rob and Philly, they just straight love eachother. I see them maybe once or twice a year and they live only a few miles from me…weird. But I love those fuck faces. How are you scum bags anyways.

Josh, well he’s on the east coast still. Fishing. He is slated to return before their winter drops but who knows. I hope he comes back soon though. We need a cook for our weekends on the Sea Ray.

Tomcat, dunno. Where are you puto face? :)

Joser. Holy shit. Joser. That mother fucker is a skating fool. Ripping the globe. Very proud of him. Call me bro.

The Rat. FISHING. That’s all he does. Shit, he lives 20 minutes away from the Delta. Landed an 8 pounder on his froggy yesterday. Did I mention that he has a new rig. A Tundra with a Ranger attached to it. DAMN! Wait. I said that in a post a while back. Goes to show how often I update this thing.

I think that’s about it for now. We are still alive. We don’t fish much together these days but the Turdz aren’t going anywhere. OH YEAH! Some of you came to this site and did mention the four loko. I just haven’t seen you. So when I see you. AXE ME, AND I WILL BUY YOU ONE PUTO FACES.