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Another year, my frist day at Yote yields an 8 pounder.

I fucking love this lake.

Pinche Salmon! In a Tourney

I caught a huge carp in a tournament once. It sucked. Worst fishing day of my life. This past tournament, I caught a Salmon and a Striper. What the….

Chuy and I place 7th with 13.87 pounds while MAS and Sam placed 31st. Points standing, Chuy and I are in 1st. Noyce. MAS and Sam are hanging in for TOC contenders in 25th. Three more to go, the Turdz are looking for a “W”


Pinche first salmon acutalmente.

Cooch is the Man

Usually, dudes with beards are pretty cool.

Placed 19th with 2 fish

A 5.5 and a 3.87. We just could not get the limit. Our fish were there, we got the bites that would have had us at top 5, we could not execute. More pre-fishing? Son of bitch.

I got the 5.5 the way I knew I would. That’s good. But when we needed the scrapers, we could not get em. Standing 3rd in the points race so that’s good. Got to get a good finish next tourney.

Mario and SAM are in 34th for points. Not bad for weighing in only 1 fish each tourney. They got this next one, I believe they can fly.

Tourney Stats Here Son

I don’t have any pictures of our tourney or anything else cool so here is something my buddy Blackass sent to me.  I am sure it’s from the interweb and everyone has seen it. It’s gross and awesome at the same time. Thanks for watching.


The Rat aint the Rat no mo’, Turdz get 3rd and 60th

Matty has become Chuy. AKA Chew. Pinche puto.

77 boats showed for the first Hook tourney of 2010. I’ll be doing to season with Chuy. MAS and Sam will be teaming up for this one as well. Sam may be Turd material but he has to make it through the year…so we’ll see.

For the first tourney, I put used cigarette butts in MAS’ tackle boxes to make the baits unbearable for the fish. Thank god it worked because with a newb on the boat, they may have came in with a 30 pound bag. They weighed in one fishy fishy for 1.28 pounds and didn’t place last. That’s alright in my book. Day started off bad when the Floater floated at launch, but didn’t want to go forward….pobre sito. Pero next time, Sam better jump in the water and start kicking.

Chuy and I weighed in at 3rd place. Pretty stoked since it has been some time since I actually caught fish at the Delta. He had the spots though and we were even able to cull a few times. Pretty good day when you get em on Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits, Beavers, and Frogs. No biggies but our average was good. 7 fish for 18.9 pounds. Odelay.

So what am I going to do to sabotage the competing Turdz for the Oct tourney. Maybe get Sam drunk the night before….Hmmm…

Results Here

Putitos get 7th at WON bass

Yes they do.

Chuy Places 20 out of 54. Get’s Big Fish on Day 3

Matty did the Anglers Choice Pro Am at the Delta for 2010. Placed 20 out of 54. Got big fish on Day 3 for a $412 dollar check. Man, 8 more dollars man, 420 man….whoa man. Congrats Chuy.

More info here

Natural Stunt Kite

Your friends will talk about it forever! You will be the new coolest and greatest dude! Put a cheese-it on the end of a top water lure on a windy day and catch a Natural Stunt Kite. Lots of fun on 20 lb test and a flipping stick. (Batteries not included)

Aye Aye Aye

Mijos and Mijoettes. It was a success this weekend at the Delta. It’s been sometime since we had a weekend like this. Turdz shredding all at once.

I, got a new PB striper on the Lunker Punker. I don’t how much it weighed but it was a fat 34 1/2″ beast. Great fight and an amazing explosion on my bait. Best way to explain how it crushes the Punker is to picture a 7 year old kid being thrown into the water not knowing how to swim. Amazing. Cool thing is, I missed one that may have been  bigger earlier in the day and caught this one after saying “One more cast…” and almost ending my search for another blow up, she wanted to play. Caught and released.

Then I meet up with Matt and MAS the next day. I wanted to try to get them on some stripers but they come out a lil late. We tried with no success and I needed to head home. They went back out so Matt could show MAS a lil something about the Delta. Then, both nail some quality size bass. Matt’s new PB at the Delta (11.5) and MAS’s new PB at the Delta (9.5)

NOYCE! Great start to the 2010 Fall bite that is yet to come.

WHOA! You still come here? NOYCE!

I will never stop paying for this site to be up. That is for sure. As long as I am alive,this shit will be on the world wide web.

So let’s see. Mario Mas, fishing a lot on The Floater. He did a good job with that boat. Haven’t fished on it yet but she looks good gliding across the Delta. Many props to him. (Edit: Dude, this is how stoner I am man. I called Mijo MAS today and say,”Yeah come to the Delta, I haven’t been on your boat yet. He goes, “Dude, you were on it before, at Yote.” Oops, i forgoteded. And he caught this hog while we were there!)

Jerbs, well the Jerbs….is MIA. He lives in AZ still and is working to become a millionaire. Don’t be surprised if he does.

He just better remember who taught him how to fish, me. Fuck face.

Well there is still me. I am an idiot. I don’t fish hardly ever and I quit skateboarding. I drink beer, I suck at life and you’re an idiot. Just kidding. We got a new boat berthed at the Delta, actually, two new boats. A trophy hunter and a 30 foot Sea Ray. BAD ASS! It’s been fun going out there and staying on the Delta. Waking up with a wicked hang over and then jumping right into the Liner to get some fish. Amazing.

Let’s see Rob and Philly, they just straight love eachother. I see them maybe once or twice a year and they live only a few miles from me…weird. But I love those fuck faces. How are you scum bags anyways.

Josh, well he’s on the east coast still. Fishing. He is slated to return before their winter drops but who knows. I hope he comes back soon though. We need a cook for our weekends on the Sea Ray.

Tomcat, dunno. Where are you puto face? :)

Joser. Holy shit. Joser. That mother fucker is a skating fool. Ripping the globe. Very proud of him. Call me bro.

The Rat. FISHING. That’s all he does. Shit, he lives 20 minutes away from the Delta. Landed an 8 pounder on his froggy yesterday. Did I mention that he has a new rig. A Tundra with a Ranger attached to it. DAMN! Wait. I said that in a post a while back. Goes to show how often I update this thing.

I think that’s about it for now. We are still alive. We don’t fish much together these days but the Turdz aren’t going anywhere. OH YEAH! Some of you came to this site and did mention the four loko. I just haven’t seen you. So when I see you. AXE ME, AND I WILL BUY YOU ONE PUTO FACES.

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