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Time On the Water

This trip started off super slow! We didn’t put one in the boat till 10:45… It was nothing like are last trip when we had are limit in 45 minutes… We followed the low tide all day I will never do that again unless I have some thing going.. This trip was the let’s go find some new water trip.. Glad we stuck it out.. I’m very lucky to have caught this fish! Thanks for making it happen AL!!!



Lake Tulloch 2012

I spent four days on Tulloch caught a bunch of smallies and hand full of blacks… Got these 2 blacks back to back on Top Water 2.5 and 6 lber …


Over time on the water

The Rat putting in work on the daily 6&3 typical day on the delta for him


What 2 & Not 2

Daiwa Aird bait caster 3 ¡Orales! out of ten only scores in appearance. Looks solid feels solid in hand but when you actuality use it feels shity! I gave her a chance but I just couldn’t tune her for any thing. Failed with the senko and a crank bait. If it cant perform with those 2 baits that’s pretty sad. If you like crapy bait casters this is the reel for you

Daiwa Aird spinning reel best reel under 100bucks!! 9 ¡Orales! Out of 10 feels and looks awesome! Only thing is the drag is kinda funny I can’t set it perfect it always seems to be a hair off no big deal… I would defiantly buy another



Lost a nice one right before I hooked up with this mama! This fish should have been 10+ … No trout no weight ;(

Get on the good foot and get bit



It’s about time

I don’t remember the last time I got a fish over 5lb …. 7.4 new boat record



This guy is lost!

I found this little guy at Anderson, I think he might have taken a trip down the creek from coyote…


Butter balling at Folsom

Hopefully I can find these guys on game day! We all know that it never goes that way




FTP 2012

This past saturday was season opener at lake Berryessa for the Future Pro Tour. We stayed in a cabin thur-sat day one was off the hook! we were getting 2 to 5 fish off every spot we fished. The homie Forrest was killing it showed my partner and I a thing or 2… The last spot we went to my costas flew out the boat the second pair I lost in two moths bummer.. I didn’t care the fishing was good and that’s all i had to do for the next 2 days. Day two was average we just put are run together. Game day every thing was going good until we lost a 5plus at the boat. My partner George slapped the fish in the face with the net :( … We didn’t let it get to us but deep down inside I knew that fish was going
to cost us. After that we got a call from Forrest and Justin, turns out Justin
Blew his motor right out the gate! Even though they never made it
to the main lake they still did work coming in the 20th spot out of 107 boats george and I came in tide for 30th if we landed that fish we would have been in the top 20… Oh well it’s still are best finish so far last
Year we were in 87 second to last out of boats that weighted in .. I little prefishing go’s a long way! All and all it was a sick trip! I’m ready for the next one..






20120322-213805.jpg<– the bad news


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