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You actually came back to this website?? Thank you and you deserve a beer. When you see me, tell me you saw this…I will buy you a Four Loko.

Turd Update!!

Marone – Still lame and annoying. Wait I am talking about myself. I suck. I wanna fish more. Tournaments? Maybe. Modern Warfare 2.

Roberto – New job and still a lovable guy. I miss you Rob

Philthy – Still got game and still keepin it trill. Fishing?

Tomcat – Blew it! Should have fished the tournament with Matt. They would be in 2nd for AOY for the Hook tourney circuit. Booze was more important. Hey, that’s why he is a Turd. Imma take your seat next year sucka!

Straps – Still living in Boston. He said it is cold and I am sure it’s COLD. He will send us an update when their lakes melt.

Joser – Skate, skate, skate and Skate. I finally put his profile information up on the left. You can view it here. And here is a better picture of his BassTurd pro board for Enjoi Skateboards. That is what is the fuck up. I am sure he will be fishing too but this necka is getting paid to shred, so shred on!

Jerbs - Well well well. The fucking Jerbs. He was the only one who had a chance to land in the 10 plus club again last year but blew it. Now he lives in AZ and never touches his pole. Just other man poles…..Just watch this. We still love you ass face.

Babes in Toyland with Emily from micah hollinger on Vimeo.

MAS – NEW BOAT! Well not new, but he got a boat. A 21ft’ Champion. That is what is up son. No more rowing so expect to get fat. Did I mention that this lil Mijo is down for life??

The Rat – Just read below for information about this Good Ole’ Boy.

That’s it. I might be fishing the WON Bass Pro/Am next weekend but that is up in the air. You will be seeing more tourney results from Matt and I in the coming year. Hopefully it’s another safe year and more fatties land in the boat. Who is getting the 10 plus this year???

The Rat is fucking fishing

Long time no post or fish. Oh well, a new year and more fishing to come.

The Rat has recently purchased a new Ranger.

Him and Tomcat have been fishing the Hook Line & Sinker tournaments. He has been doing pretty well too.

Sep 2009 – 1st

OCt 2009 – 32nd :(

Nov 2009 – 4th

Dec 2009 – 2nd Big bass with a 5th place finish

This weekend is the January event and yours truly will be replacing Tomcat as the back seater.


Joser got a pro BassTurdz Board from Enjoi Skateboards. F**K YEAH

Catch a Striper in the Surf…CHECK!

Seriously, I never thought I would do it. Or at least I would have had to really put my time in on the beach in order to get one. When I would see those pictures of dudes holding a striper up with their feet in the surf, I would admire the pic in complete awe. I have only surf fished in Mexico and it was amazing. So having the option to catch the Linesiders in the California surf seemed to good to be true.

Thanks to and it’s true mission of providing information to help people get on fish, I was made aware that the stripers were hitting on the  beach. I looked up a beach to fish near a popular spot on Google Earth so that I could hopefully find a spot that was not blown out by a bunch of people. Took my girlfriend out there on a day off from work hoping to hook one of these freight trains in the surf.

Long story short, hooked a fish on an old ass Lead spoon I got out of my neighbors old surf fishing boxes. The fish was 35 inches long so I am guessing any where from 16-18 pounds. It was fucking bad ass! Released her back into the ocean after a few pics so she could live to fight another day.

Thanks to Glenn from SJB and to my Dad for hooking up the equipment. Help keep the fishery alive and practice Catch and Release!

Clearlake or BUST!

It’s been a while since I ran a mission like the one we did last Friday. I think it was Jose’s idea to do it. His motivation was to go on a good trip before he had to take off the Europe to patinar for three weeks.  He decided that we needed to get the Rat from Livermore and go on a Clearlake or Bust mission. These trips are the ones where you drive up with no place to stay and fish for as long as your body or brain can handle it.

We mounted the Liner onto Joser’s ride late Friday evening and cruised to Matty’s new house in Livermore. The plan was to get on a night bite and then fish for as long as we could on Saturday. Well, the night bite sucked. We couldn’t convince any of the little dreamers to bite our pinche chingadera’s. Basically we should have just crashed right when we got there.

My lights were out by 2 in the morning and the other dudes lasted until 3 am. While I was passed out, Matt tied us up to the Red Bud launch ramp as our hotel and we all crashed out on the boat until we were awoken to the sound of other bass boats launching all around us.

We started the day off by looking for some sort of reaction bite but that was not happening. I think it could have been of the 5 degree temp drop that occurred the night before that may have hunkered them down. I was later able to land a 4 pounder on my drop shot rig which was the much needed motivational booster.

The punch bite was the ticket. The medicine was punching mini beavers, no color preferred, into the thicket of fallen trees and tullies. In order to get the fish to bite, there needed to be some deeper water behind us while working the banks. I felt bad for Joser because he was snapping off on fish. It seemed as though he could not get the cards to play in his favor. Even after watching Matt and I land a few nice fish, he kept his spirits as high as he could.

In an effort to try an help Joser get into some fish I suggested that he do a Renegade to turn his luck around. If you don’t know what a Renegade is then you can click on the photo for a tutorial video.

Joser doing the hail mary and fucking hell yeah in one poke of the thumb.

Basically it is necessary to perform when either all of your chips are down, you are bored as hell, or when you need to turn down the suck and turn up the good.

Well, maybe an hour later, he gets nailed by a solid 8lb 2oz largie on his Yellow Headed Snag Proof frog. Nailed! I saw the whole thing take place and Joser could not have done it any better. Adding this fish into our top 5, our bag was sitting at a solid 25 pounds. The Renegade proves to be the source of mysitcal powers which can help all who perform it’s epicness.

Yes!! There was a  frog bite. Oh how long it has been. The Rat could not have put it any better. A punch bite and a frog bite together is a formula that can make any bass fisherman’s day one for the history books.

I myself had not landed a frog fish. I was letting the dudes run the front of the boat with the froggies while I would try to get bit

in the back of the boat while punching my beavers. I was later hungry for a frog fish. As we were heading out of the creek, I decided to try tossing my frog in a slough that had produced fish for me in the past. I missed one on our way in but was able to land two further back into the slough. One being my new PB using a frog, a female largie weighing in at 5lbs 14oz. She breached on that bait like how those great whites breach on seals in South Africa. This fish moved our top 5 up to 27 pounds.

It was the last fish that we landed until we decided that our brains and bodies had had enough. A great Clearlake or Bust mission and one of the best days I have had on the water in quite a while. Thanks for driving Joser and it was great fishing with you and the Rat again. Till next trip. “Pass-ed me da Taquache puto!”

El Salto Opening Day and Jose Goes Pro!!

Yeah, we were there. We can say we were at EL Salto for opening day 2009. Well Jerbs, Straps, and myself were there. And we were there for the TURDZ.  I thank the fishing gods that Jerbs brought his own boat, I would have killed my self if I would have had to hear him talk about nothing the whole way down to Mexico. Making his creepy ass hobbit sounds every time he would see a cow or a girl.

Shit it was cold down there. Wind chill was no joke and boy was it blowin’. Day started off with a few bites on a rocky bank. Straps farmed a biggie right off the bat. I think he forgot how big the fish are in this lake. You gotta lay into them and let them know you aren’t fucking around. He then redeemed himself by landing a chunky 4.12 a few minutes later. I was hyped becasue I landed a few on the jig. Shit, it has been a long time since I had caught something that tugged. A long time!!

As the day went by, we didn’t have too much action until I got the bump that I was hoping for off of a main lake point in about 15 feet of water near a mud line. We forgot the net, so Straps had the responsibility of lippin that bitch over the side of the Liner and thankfully she made into my grasp. A hefty 8.2 filled with eggs with red lips.

Thank you for making into my arms lover girl. Oh how it’s been so long since I have had the chance to caress the chunky greens of a largie. YEAH BABAY! The fish I needed to get the bug again.

It was fun and I was happy to be the 4th boat on Salto after it had been closed for a 4 months. Hey, I might not fish every week or all of the time, but this mother fucker is down for life, and if Salto is going to be closed for any extended time, I will be there on opening day.

Group pic of your favorite losers with their opening day fish. Jerbs would have had a bigger one if he didn’t blow it harder than a hooker on 7th ave. Jerbs, please remember to user your net next time and wear a cup when trying to lip a ten plus while laying on your deck. HAHAHA!

Jose goes Pro for Enjoi!

The tallest Chicano in our crew just recently went pro for Enjoi Skateboards. I am so pleased to say that Joser has finally received the privilege that he has worked so hard to get. No head on collision is going to take that Mexican down. GOOD JOB and THE TURDZ ARE FUCKING HYPED FOR YOU MAN! Now lets get you on a celebrating pre-spawner! I am cannot wait to see his part in the upcoming Tiltmode Army video so properly titled “Bonus Round”. Shit is gonna be bangin’ son!

Pretty tight, his first pro check was for 1 dollar,. Big BUCKS BABY.

Check the trailer

Well, keep coming back to the site because we are still here and there is no avoiding us if you live in the south bay. Keep em tight and don’t be a kook!

California Delta is only an hour and a half away…

…and it is amazing. While fishing with my Dad today, I came to realize how lucky the Bay Arians are to live so close to such a great fishery.

My Dad and I ran a weekend trip at the Delta this weekend. Stayed in one of the RV’s at Sugar Barge.Very nice to wake up 100 yards from the water.

One thing that is great about using reaction baits for stripers is that you can catch largemouth too.

This 6 pound 11 oz fish popped my Lucky Craft 128 Jerk Bait in Franks Tract.

This was a pretty large shad still in her belly. I think it was a shad. It must have been 6-7 inches long.

We spent Saturday night and Sunday day looking for some quatlity stripers and all we came up with was a bunch of shakers and the 14 pounder below.

She blasted a pearl colored Lunker Punker Jr at first light Sunday morning.

Got to be to be pretty windy saturday night so the water was pretty stained Sunday. All in all, a great trip with Pops.

On the Delta with Bobby Barrack

California Delta, November 25th

Weather: Sunny Skies, not cold enough for fall.
Water Temp: 63.3 degrees
Water Clarity: Stained

Look, Jerbs decided to wake up early for some Striper hunting! Good job fucker! MAS came too.

Good to see Joser on the water again. He got more blow ups than I did the entire day but couldn’t capitalize. Landed one keeper on his Magnum Spook, 4.11, that was kept for food.

Pinche Joser almost crashed guay! Aye aye aye!

11 Pound 4 Ounce Striper, landed on a Lunker Punker Jr. Caught & Released.

They are getting slightly bigger. Figured out that it may be a good idea to get some Boga-grips for the bigger fish. Very dangerous when they are slamming around in the net with those big ass hooks exposed!!

Punkering the Linesides…n’ pop’n em too!

I heard about the Lunker Punker a while back. I never really wanted to buy one for the Largies because of the price but once I knew the big Stripers loved em and since it is Striper season, I coughed up the 50 bucks and bought the Lunker Punker Jr. at Mel Cottons. I spooled up my Dobyns 736c with some 65 LB braid with a 20 pound mono leader and hit the Delta.

While sitting at my cubicle at work this past week, all I could do was vision this lure in action while fishing a tullie point in the early minutes of the morning. Of course, i was hoping to catch a big Striper on it too…

My Dad, Straps, and I hit the water before sunrise and found an early morning bite. First cast I hooked into a 5 to 7 pound Striper on a rat-l-trap but my dad blew it because he can’t see in the dark and accidentally got the net caught up in the lure without the fish in the net. Oh well, we saw it. We then decided to leave our first spot to look for some bigger fish, we then found a spot where they wanted the topwater lures and it was on. I must have farmed 6 BIG Stripers on the bait before I finally caught one because I was not waiting to feel the bite before setting the hook. I also noticed that when I sped up my retreive they would hit the bait harder and with more aggresion. One of the fish that blew up on my bait which I almost hooked had to be any where from 12-15 pounds. I did come away with one of his scales though.

While I was missing these fish and desperately trying to land one, my Dad had tied a fluorescent orange

pencil popper to Strap’s pole. Well few casts later, a 7.5 pounder BREACHED on Josh’s bait! Completely launched out of the water. He was psyched. His first Striper on a topwater lure and new PB. We’re calling this bait The Buoy

They landed the fish and were busy trying to get the lure and the fish out of the net when I get nailed. This is definitely the largest Striper I have ever hooked into and the fish is on good, peeling drag. This fish is nice! I look towards the back of the boat and there is no net ready! I have to end up fighting the fish longer than I would have liked which resulted in a bent out eye on my hook holders!?! Luckily the Striper was still hook on the other hooks. The net finally comes free and we land the 10 lb 7ounce Lineside…I accomplished my goal for the year, a ten plus on a topwater bait.

The tide was at the last hour of the incoming tide. The way I found these fish was that I looked for a flat near some deep water. Basically, an entrance into a sunken island next to the channel. We hit three spots with this characteristic until we found a school of hungry Stripers. We were catching them in only 4-6 feet of water and 10 yards from the flat was 25-30 feet of water. Find these spots early morning, I mean before the sun comes up early, and cast away. If you are not getting bit, find another spot like this until you find the school that wants your shit.

Cheers to the fellas at Black Dog Bait Company for making such a wonderful topwater bait!

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