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You actually came back to this website?? Thank you and you deserve a beer. When you see me, tell me you saw this…I will buy you a Four Loko.

Turd Update!!

Marone – Still lame and annoying. Wait I am talking about myself. I suck. I wanna fish more. Tournaments? Maybe. Modern Warfare 2.

Roberto – New job and still a lovable guy. I miss you Rob

Philthy – Still got game and still keepin it trill. Fishing?

Tomcat – Blew it! Should have fished the tournament with Matt. They would be in 2nd for AOY for the Hook tourney circuit. Booze was more important. Hey, that’s why he is a Turd. Imma take your seat next year sucka!

Straps – Still living in Boston. He said it is cold and I am sure it’s COLD. He will send us an update when their lakes melt.

Joser – Skate, skate, skate and Skate. I finally put his profile information up on the left. You can view it here. And here is a better picture of his BassTurd pro board for Enjoi Skateboards. That is what is the fuck up. I am sure he will be fishing too but this necka is getting paid to shred, so shred on!

Jerbs - Well well well. The fucking Jerbs. He was the only one who had a chance to land in the 10 plus club again last year but blew it. Now he lives in AZ and never touches his pole. Just other man poles…..Just watch this. We still love you ass face.

Babes in Toyland with Emily from micah hollinger on Vimeo.

MAS – NEW BOAT! Well not new, but he got a boat. A 21ft’ Champion. That is what is up son. No more rowing so expect to get fat. Did I mention that this lil Mijo is down for life??

The Rat – Just read below for information about this Good Ole’ Boy.

That’s it. I might be fishing the WON Bass Pro/Am next weekend but that is up in the air. You will be seeing more tourney results from Matt and I in the coming year. Hopefully it’s another safe year and more fatties land in the boat. Who is getting the 10 plus this year???

San Francisco Bay!

After a wonderful night out in the city, I decided to go bass fishing in the San Francisco Bay. Actually, it was right off of Pier 39. I know, I know, why would you bass fish in the dirty ass bay? Well, I had heard from some local bum that he used to bass fish off of Pier 39 and would catch florida/northern strain largies.

Hungover, I decided to catch the Muni to the good ol’ pier. Skys were blue, but the wind was howling! I had no lures, so I went and bought a frozen bowl of clam chowder, stuck a hook in it and pitched it near the sea lion! BOOM! As soon as it hit the water, I was hooked into a pig!

It was a fish of a lifetime. MY NEW (offical)PB! You know what they say about double chins, Double Digits. A caught and released, 11 pound, 11 ouncer. That one is dedicated to my favorite fisherman, THE TURDZ (and my Dad)!

Jose’s New PB


Thirteen Pounds of Sweet Florida Strain Goodness. Not bad for his first Hudd fish. Congrats!!

Video of Rat Rogers’ Personal Best

It takes a sec to load but it’s awesome!! The footage gets a little crazy because it was a very intense moment.

Ratt Rogers PB


We can’t keep this a secret because it is too fucking amazing. Six Bassturdz caught their new PB’s this week!

IMG_0243_1.jpgIt first started with Jerbs landing his 13pound 12 oz Monster. That’s a ten plus in his first year of fishing. A much deserved fish for a guy who puts a lot of time on the water in his canoe.

josers.jpgThen we had Joser get his new PB weighning in at 8 pounds 6 ounces the following day.

marone.jpgOn the third day, I caught my first hudd fish and followed it up 3 casts later with my first 10 plus and my new PB weighing in at 10 pound 5 ounces. I’m am now convinced that Hudds catch you big fish if you put your time in.

Untitled_1.jpgOn the fourth day aftr Jerbs caught his new PB, Mario Mas got his new PB and first ten plus which weighed in at 14 pounds 1 oz!!! Holy shit!

robbie.jpgOn the fifth day, Rob, who is just getting over a severe ankle break, landed his new PB with this hefty 9 pound 5 ounce fish!

On the sixth day after all of these PB’s, Matt finished off the PB phenomenon with his first ten plus weighing in at 12 pounds 15 ounces. I think we’re actually just going to call this one a thirteen.

Where did this phenomenon take place and what were we using? Well, the location is undisclosed for now.
The baits we were using were swimbaits, Jigs, and Crankbaits.

I’d like to congratulate all of my fellow Bassturdz for accomplishing this feat and you know what boys, it’s going to be a good fucking year.


Matt caught this Beast in 05′ at Calero while crankin’ as soon as he bought Lunker Loretta(Skeeter 180zx) off of me. Someone on the boat called it a fluke. He then caught another 9 pounder a few months later from the same lake. Just a good ole’ boy……………………..

My PB…so far. Around 4.9lbs.

Caught this bad boy on the delta using a rattletrap. Thanks for puttin me on this hog Marone. I snaked the front of the boat from Marone for one second and this is what I caught. Trout poles represent!
Jerbs' far.

Salsburg Chronicles

so i woke up early this morning at about 4am to go fish at this new secret spot i found. man this spot is hot, but i cant tell the rest of these bassturd mufuckas cause then they be all blowin up the spot an shit. so im puffin on this sweet cheeba rolled up in a chocolate philly and washin it down with a 24 of old e when my rod starts shakin all crazy like. im like shit im gettin a hit already damn this spot is off the heezy right. so i start reelin this nigga in and yo this bitch is puttin up a a crazy fight so i gots to get my shit in gear. so damn after 10 minutes of wrestlin wit this fuckin fish from hell i finally pull this bitch up and holy shit i couldnt believe it. this fucking bass i caught was a big as jerry smyth. shit it even had the same stupid face as gerbs, wait holy shit it is the gerbs! this muthafuckin widget was all blue half way drowned to death when i pulled him into the boat. im like damn i know i should try cpr on this little nigga but damn i aint even tryin to do this shit this early in the morning. than i thought how did this fucker find my spot anyways. shit he must have followed me here this morning, sneaky little fucker. i knew if i saved his life and let him go he would tell every last one of his kooky fishin buddies about my secret spot, so you know what i had to do right. i tossed that widget back in the water, poured out a little old e in memory of his bitch ass, and then took my shit back up to shore. well even though it wasnt a real bass it was still the biggest catch i ever made so all in all it was a good outing. rip to little gerbs and if i catch any of you otha mufuckas at my spot ill tell you this right now the gerbs got off easy cause i aint fuckin around wit this fishing shit, this shit is ill kid. peace!

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