The Beginning of the BassTurdz

It in 2002 when the BassTurdz of San Jose started. I think we were out at the Delta when we thought of the name. The name spawned off of our skateboarding crew, The Shitheads. The reason why we called ourselves the Shitheads was because we were exactly that, shitheads. Young, dumb, and full of…alcohol. Skateboarding brought a majority of us together before bass fishing. Some of us have been skating with each other for over a decade. A few of our BassTurdz sustained horrible injuries that took them out of the game a long time ago. Although, you might see them pick up a shred sled every once in a awhile. Even though we’re all getting older, some of the Bassturdz are still skating.

So the Shitheads started fishing when the skating was getting old. We quickly realized that we didn’t fit the typical bass fisherman profile; egos, visors, tucked in shiny shirts, and fancy $40,000 dollar boats. We needed to define ourselves as something that reminded us of our roots. Dirty, shitty, good ole boys out for a good time.

What’s as bad as a Shithead? A bastard.

Then the BassTurdz began..

Names you’ll see on the water are:

  • Jose Rojo, a.k.a. Big Joe Red, Redworm, or Pinche Tonto
  • Mario Guel, a.k.a. Marone, Shitmouth, and Total Bummer
  • Matt Rogers a.k.a The Rat
  • Mario “MAS” Saucedo
  • Jerry Smyth, a.k.a. Jerbs or The Fucker
  • Robbie Handley. a.k.a. Berto or Robino
  • Josh Hanoka, a.k.a. Straps
  • Phil “Philthy” Goodnough
  • Chris “Tomcat” Thompson