Name: The Jerbs
Place of Birth: Fairbanks, Alaska
Personal Best: 13 lbs. 12 oz.
Boat: The SS Jerbs, a 16ft Canoe
Favorite Lake: Coyote Lake, California
Favorite Presentation: Swimbaits and Jigs
Cigarettes: Tops
Favorite Beer: Alaskan Amber
Wrestling Matches Won: 25
Favorite Word: “Nice!”
Larest King Salmon: 30 lbs on a 5wt. fly rod

The only Turd from out of town and the only Turd who has gotten the boot. He was out of the crew for only a month when we decided that the dude is so BassTurd that he should have been born with it tattooed on his chest. Even if we gave him the boot again, the guy could still start his own chapter. It’s in his blood! Cigarette after cigarette, beer after beer, Jerbs always down to get his line wet. The BassTurdz are glad to have him on the roster. Roll it up, light it up, and give it to the Jerbs!