Name: Marone
Place of Birth: San Jose, California
Boat: Water Skeeter Freedom
Personal Best: 11lbs. 11oz.
Favorite Lakes: Coyote , Calero, The Delta
Favorite Presentation: Jigs, Swimbaits, and Crankbaits
Favorite Beer: Coors Light
Inspiration: Beer
Weakness: Beer
Favorite Song: “15 Beers”, by Johnny Paycheck
Hates: Haters

One of the three Mexicans in the crew. Usually hungover on every fishing trip he goes on. Always down to party and always down to get down. Marone has got a real short fuse so watch out! Almost like a male bass on a spawning bed, anything comes near and BOOM!

Not one to take anything too serious. Life’s too damn short to take anything serious.