Favorite Presentation: Pumpkin jiga w/ green paca trailer
Place of Birth:
South Side San Jose
Favorite Lakes: Clear lake, Cal delta, calero
Manteca or San Jose?: SJ
Weakness: Hair PIe
Favorite Hold Em’ Hand: 8-9 of hearts
Hates: Haters, Toilet paper on roll backwards
Likes: Family, friends, good brews, good times

Philthy butt lovin’! We love Phil. The guy who can make you sick because of how lazy he is. But hey, it’s Phil, we are used to it. He is the type of guy who will end up with some hot ass MILF who has shit loads of money so he won’t have to work for the rest of his life.

Philly has really come into his own as a bass fisherman. You would think he would be too lazy to be on the water for an entire day. Well don’t expect him to get up early though, he’ll sleep in and meet you on the water and still catch more fish.

We are glad to have him back in the SJ.