Name: Berto
Place of Birth: San Jose, California
Personal Best: 9lbs. 5oz.
Boat: Got bought out of the Skeeter 180ZX
Favorite Beer: Coors Light
Favorite Presentation: Texas Rigs
Favorite Lake: Calero Reservoir, California
Favorite Poker Hand: 7, 8 Suited
Favorite Sharks Player: Jonathan Cheechoo
Hates: Being Poor

Big, Stinky, Lovable Rob. This guy couldn’t hurt a fly. When you see him, you just wanna cuddle him up. Then you realize, he smells real bad, then you want to run away. Another South Sider and original Shithead.

Reese is his dog. One time, his dog needed to go to the Vet to get his stomach pumped becasue it ate a bottle of Advil. Then not much later, the little dude ate an eighth of weed and had to get his stomach pumped again. Of course this all happened before Rob adopted the little guy. That’s the guy on the left. He’s also in the BassTurdz’ dog division. REESE!!